Level Slider



The Level Slider emoji depicts a horizontal slider control with a pointer. This emoji is commonly used to represent the concept of a level or a scale. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of adjusting or controlling something.

In its most literal sense, the Level Slider emoji can be associated with adjusting the volume level or any other type of level control, such as brightness or temperature. For example, someone might use this emoji in a conversation about adjusting the volume on their device or finding the perfect balance between different audio levels.

Figuratively, the Level Slider emoji can be used to convey the idea of finding equilibrium or balance in different aspects of life. It can symbolize the need or desire to achieve a harmonious state or to bring different elements into alignment. In this sense, it can be used to indicate the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle or the attempt to strike a compromise between different opinions or interests.

The Level Slider emoji can also be used metaphorically to express the idea of controlling or adjusting one's emotions or attitude. It can symbolize the need to regulate one's mood or behavior, and the desire to maintain a sense of emotional stability. For instance, someone might use this emoji to indicate their determination to remain calm and composed in a stressful situation.

In a more abstract sense, the Level Slider emoji can represent the concept of progression or advancement. It can signify the process of moving from one level or stage to another, often implying growth, improvement, or achievement. For example, someone might use this emoji to communicate their excitement or motivation to reach a new milestone in their personal or professional life.

Overall, the Level Slider emoji has multiple interpretations, ranging from its literal use in adjusting controls, to its metaphorical use in expressing balance, emotion regulation, or personal growth. Its meaning may vary depending on the context and the intent of the person using it.


Level Slider

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Level Slider


Technical Information

NameLevel Slider
CodepointsU+1F39A U+FE0F