Shopping Bags



The Shopping Bags emoji, 🛍️, showcases two bags with handles, typically colored brown or beige. This emoji is often used to symbolize shopping, commercial activities, and consumerism. It is commonly associated with going to the mall or grocery store and purchasing items.

One of the main meanings of the Shopping Bags emoji is shopping itself. When people use this emoji, they are likely referring to their shopping experiences or expressing their desire to go shopping. It can be a way of sharing their excitement about buying new items or simply acknowledging their love for shopping.

Additionally, the Shopping Bags emoji can represent consumerism and materialism. It reflects the culture of buying and owning possessions. People may use this emoji to convey their interest in material goods, show their affinity for luxury brands, or highlight their enthusiasm for shopping sprees.

Furthermore, the emoji can be used in a broader context to symbolize commercial activities and business. It is commonly employed in posts related to retail, sales promotions, or advertisements. Marketers and businesses may use this emoji to attract customers, communicate about deals or discounts, or simply indicate that they are open for business.

Overall, the Shopping Bags emoji serves as a visual representation of shopping, consumerism, and commercial activities. Its usage can range from expressing personal shopping experiences to referencing broader cultural attitudes towards material possessions and business activities.


Shopping Bags

Google Noto Color Emoji

Shopping Bags


Technical Information

NameShopping Bags
CodepointsU+1F6CD U+FE0F