Family: Woman, Woman, Girl



The family emoji with a woman, woman, and girl depicts a family composed of two women and a girl. This emoji represents the idea of a same-sex female family unit, often referred to as a lesbian family.

The two women in this emoji could represent a couple who are in a committed relationship. They could be girlfriends, partners, or married. The addition of the girl indicates that they have a child together, either through adoption, surrogacy, or other means.

This emoji is a significant representation of LGBTQ+ families and diversity in modern families. It showcases the acceptance and recognition of same-sex relationships and parenting. It can be used to celebrate and acknowledge the existence of diverse family structures in society.

Additionally, this emoji can also be used to symbolize strong female bonds or friendships. It can indicate a close relationship between two women and the inclusion of a girl can represent a mentorship or an extended family bond.

Overall, the family emoji with a woman, woman, and girl is a representation of same-sex female relationships and families. It conveys messages of love, support, and the acceptance of diverse family structures.


Family: Woman, Woman, Girl

Google Noto Color Emoji

Family: Woman, Woman, Girl


Technical Information

NameFamily: Woman, Woman, Girl
CodepointsU+1F469 U+200D U+1F469 U+200D U+1F467