Anguished Face



The Anguished Face emoji is a yellow face with wide open eyes, a furrowed brow, a dropped jaw, and a slightly downturned mouth. This emoji is used to depict a high level of distress, agony, or extreme disappointment. It can express feelings of intense sadness, worry, frustration, or desperation.

When someone uses the Anguished Face emoji, they may be going through a difficult situation or experiencing emotional pain. They may be feeling overwhelmed with stress, sadness, or anxiety, and are seeking a way to express their inner turmoil. This emoji can be used to convey deep disappointment or devastation when things don't go as planned or when expectations are not met.

In some contexts, the Anguished Face emoji can be a reflection of physical pain or discomfort. It may be used to express severe headaches, heartaches, or any other form of physical or emotional anguish. It can also be used to express sympathy or empathy towards someone else who is going through a tough time.

Overall, the Anguished Face emoji carries a strong sense of distress and conveys a range of negative emotions. It is a powerful visual representation of inner turmoil, anxiety, and disappointment.


Anguished Face

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Anguished Face


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