Face with Crossed-out Eyes



The Face with Crossed-out Eyes emoji depicts a yellow face with its eyes closed and a pair of X symbols over them. This emoji is commonly used to convey humor or silliness, often in situations where someone is pretending to be confused or disoriented.

One possible interpretation of this emoji is that it represents being overwhelmed or dazed. The crossed-out eyes can signify a lack of focus or a state of confusion, as if someone has been taken by surprise or is feeling unsteady. It can be used to express bewilderment or disorientation in a humorous way, particularly in response to unexpected or absurd situations.

Another interpretation of this emoji is that it conveys a sense of playfulness or irreverence. The crossed-out eyes can be seen as a visual gag, suggesting that the person using the emoji is not taking the situation seriously. It can be used to lighten the mood or inject some lightheartedness into a conversation, often when joking around or teasing someone.

In some cases, the Face with Crossed-out Eyes emoji may be used to indicate embarrassment or awkwardness. The closed eyes and crossed-out symbols can signify a desire to avoid seeing or acknowledging a particular situation. It can be used to convey a sense of discomfort or being caught off guard, particularly when something embarrassing or unexpected happens.

Overall, the Face with Crossed-out Eyes emoji is a versatile and expressive emoji that can be used in various contexts. It can represent confusion, humor, playfulness, or awkwardness, depending on the specific situation and the tone of the conversation.


Face with Crossed-out Eyes

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Face with Crossed-out Eyes


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NameFace with Crossed-out Eyes