Face with Steam From Nose



The Face with Steam From Nose emoji, officially called the Hot Face emoji, depicts a cartoonish face with an angry or frustrated expression and steam coming out of its nose. It is commonly used to convey feelings of anger, annoyance, or frustration.

The steam coming out of the nose is a visual representation of the person's rising anger or frustration. It suggests that the person is so irritated or outraged that they feel like they are literally boiling inside. The steam can be interpreted as a warning sign that the person has reached their boiling point and may lash out if provoked further.

This emoji is often used in situations where someone is extremely annoyed or angry, whether it be due to a specific issue or a general feeling of frustration. It can be used in online conversations, social media posts, or text messages to express strong negative emotions towards a person, situation, or event.

The Hot Face emoji can also be used humorously to indicate a person's exaggerated frustration or anger towards a relatively minor issue. By using this emoji, the person is showing that they are irritated or annoyed, but they may not necessarily be genuinely furious or upset.

It is important to note that the meaning of emojis can vary depending on the context and the person using them. While the Hot Face emoji generally signifies anger or frustration, its exact interpretation may differ based on individual experiences and cultural backgrounds.


Face with Steam From Nose

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Face with Steam From Nose


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