Frowning Face



The Frowning Face emoji, 😦, is commonly used to convey a range of negative emotions or sentiments. When someone uses this emoji, it is typically to display unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or disappointment. The facial expression depicted is a combination of an open mouth with downturned corners and raised eyebrows, suggesting a sense of distress or concern.

One of the main emotions associated with the Frowning Face emoji is sadness. It can be used to indicate feelings of being down, dejected, or depressed. For example, if someone receives bad news or is feeling overwhelmed, they might use this emoji to express their emotional state. It can also be used as a sign of empathy or understanding towards someone else's sadness or struggles.

Additionally, the Frowning Face emoji can represent disappointment. It can be used when someone is let down or frustrated by a situation, outcome, or person. For instance, if someone's plans fall through or if they receive a rejection, they might use this emoji to show their disappointment. It can also convey a general sense of dissatisfaction or frustration towards various aspects of life.

The Frowning Face emoji can also be associated with worry or concern. It can be used in situations where someone is uneasy or anxious about something. It can indicate a sense of apprehension, stress, or nervousness. For example, if someone is worried about an upcoming event or if they are feeling troubled about a particular situation, they might use this emoji to express their concern.

In some cases, the Frowning Face emoji can be used to convey a stern or serious expression. It can be employed to signify disapproval or disapproving thoughts towards a person, behavior, or idea. It can also indicate a sense of seriousness or gravity, signaling that a situation should be taken seriously or is of significant concern.

Overall, the Frowning Face emoji is a versatile symbol that represents a range of negative emotions such as sadness, disappointment, worry, and seriousness. Its usage can vary depending on the context and the individual's intended meaning, but it consistently conveys a general sense of negativity or unease.


Frowning Face

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Frowning Face


Technical Information

NameFrowning Face
CodepointsU+2639 U+FE0F