Heart Exclamation



The Heart Exclamation emoji, also known as the Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament emoji or the Heart Exclamation Mark emoji, is a variation of the traditional exclamation mark symbol with a heart shape replacing the dot. It is commonly used in digital communication, such as text messages, social media posts, and emails.

This emoji is typically employed to convey strong emotions or intense feelings of love, affection, and excitement. It serves as a way to emphasize the power and passion behind the message being expressed. It can represent various emotions such as adoration, admiration, gratitude, and joyful enthusiasm. It often adds a touch of warmth, sentimentality, and sincerity to the text.

The Heart Exclamation emoji can also be used to express concern, surprise, or alarm in a loving or caring manner. It may indicate a sense of urgency or importance, urging the recipient to pay attention or take action. While traditional exclamation marks can sometimes come across as aggressive or demanding, the heart-shaped symbol softens the tone and injects a sense of compassion and gentleness.

In romantic relationships, the Heart Exclamation emoji can be a way to show affection and excitement towards a partner. It can be used to express love, infatuation, or admiration for someone special. Similarly, it can symbolize deep platonic love or appreciation for a close friend or family member. The heart shape adds an element of romance and intimacy, making the message more heartfelt and tender.

In summary, the Heart Exclamation emoji is a versatile symbol that represents strong emotions of love, adoration, excitement, and urgency. It conveys warmth, sincerity, and passion in digital communication. Whether expressing romantic feelings or showing care and concern, this emoji adds an extra layer of emotional depth and tenderness to the message being conveyed.


Heart Exclamation

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Heart Exclamation


Technical Information

NameHeart Exclamation
CodepointsU+2763 U+FE0F