Heart with Arrow



The Heart with Arrow emoji is commonly used to represent love or romantic feelings. It shows a red or pink heart with a curved arrow piercing through it from one side to another. The arrow is usually depicted as pointed and may have feathers at the end, resembling a Cupid's arrow. Cupid, according to mythology, was a mischievous god who would shoot people with arrows to make them fall in love.

When someone uses the Heart with Arrow emoji, they are often expressing affection, infatuation, or connection towards someone or something. It is commonly associated with Valentine's Day, expressing love and desire between two people. It can also represent a crush, feelings of friendship, or admiration for someone.

Additionally, the Heart with Arrow emoji can be used humorously or sarcastically to convey a different meaning. For example, it can be used playfully to express teasing or attraction towards a celebrity or fictional character. It can also be used to symbolize being "struck" or captivated by something, such as finding a particular activity or hobby incredibly enjoyable.

Overall, the Heart with Arrow emoji is versatile and can be interpreted in various ways depending on the context of the conversation. It effectively represents a range of heartfelt emotions, from deep romantic love to lighthearted infatuation or admiration.


Heart with Arrow

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Heart with Arrow


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