Shinto Shrine



The Shinto Shrine emoji, 🛕, depicts a traditional Japanese Shinto shrine, often characterized by its distinctive red structure with a sloping roof and white detailing. This emoji is meant to symbolize various aspects of the Shinto religion and its cultural significance in Japanese society.

Shinto is an indigenous religion in Japan that focuses on nature worship and the honoring of ancestral spirits. Shrines play a central role in Shinto practices, serving as sacred spaces where believers can make offerings, pray, and engage in various rituals. The Shinto Shrine emoji, therefore, represents the physical manifestation of these religious spaces.

The vibrant red color of the shrine in the emoji has symbolic importance. In Shintoism, red is considered a sacred color that wards off evil spirits and brings good fortune. It is also associated with purification and vitality. The sloping roof design seen in the emoji is called "kirizuma-zukuri" and is typical of Shinto shrine architecture, adding to the traditional and cultural significance conveyed by the emoji.

The white detailing on the shrine often represents purity, cleanliness, and spiritual energy in Shintoism. It can be observed on the doors, fences, and other decorative elements of the shrine. Some examples of such white detailing include the torii gate, which marks the entrance to the shrine, and the shimenawa, a sacred rope made of rice straw.

In addition to its religious symbolism, the Shinto Shrine emoji is commonly used to express various aspects of Japanese culture and traditions. It can be used to signify a visit to a Shinto shrine, participation in Shinto rituals, or interest in Japanese spirituality and customs. It may also be employed in discussions related to Japanese architecture or tourism.

Overall, the Shinto Shrine emoji represents the sacred spaces and cultural importance of Shintoism, as well as broader aspects of Japanese tradition and spirituality. Its vibrant red color, sloping roof design, and white detailing all contribute to its rich symbolism, making it a visually and culturally significant emoji.


Shinto Shrine

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Shinto Shrine


Technical Information

NameShinto Shrine
CodepointsU+26E9 U+FE0F