Framed Picture



The Framed Picture emoji is commonly used to represent a picture that has been framed or mounted on a wall. It can also symbolize the idea of artwork, creativity, or personal expression.

When someone sends or uses this emoji, they may be referring to a physical picture frame they have in their home or office. They may be expressing their appreciation for art or sharing a photo they have taken or received. In some cases, it can be used to show a sense of nostalgia or fondness for a particular memory or moment captured in a photograph.

The emoji itself typically features a rectangular frame with an interior border, giving the impression of a picture displayed in a traditional frame. The design and color of the frame may vary across different platforms and devices, but the concept remains the same.

This emoji can also be used metaphorically to represent the idea of "framing" something, such as finding a way to present a situation or information in a particular light. It can suggest an intentional or strategic perspective on an issue, where someone is trying to emphasize certain aspects or downplay others.

Overall, the Framed Picture emoji invites conversations around art, photography, memories, and personal expression. It conveys a visual representation of a framed picture while also offering a broader meaning related to creativity and perspective.


Framed Picture

Google Noto Color Emoji

Framed Picture


Technical Information

NameFramed Picture
CodepointsU+1F5BC U+FE0F