Flag: American Samoa



The Flag: American Samoa emoji depicts the official flag of American Samoa, a United States territory located in the South Pacific Ocean. The flag is composed of a red base with a blue canton (a rectangular area in the top left corner) containing a white star. The red background represents courage, bravery, and strength, while the blue symbolizes freedom and loyalty. The white star represents the Southern Cross constellation, which is visible in the night sky above American Samoa.

Using the Flag: American Samoa emoji in a conversation can indicate pride or support for American Samoa and its culture. It may also symbolize an affiliation with the United States and its territories. Additionally, it could express admiration for the natural beauty and unique traditions of American Samoa.

If someone is discussing American Samoa, its people, or any significant events related to the territory, including this emoji can help reinforce the topic and make the conversation more visually engaging. Furthermore, the Flag: American Samoa emoji can be used to represent a virtual visit or expression of interest in learning more about the region's history, geography, or cultural heritage.

Whether you have a personal connection to American Samoa or simply find its flag aesthetically appealing, incorporating the Flag: American Samoa emoji into your messages can help convey your appreciation and support for this unique part of the United States.


Flag: American Samoa

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Flag: American Samoa


Technical Information

NameFlag: American Samoa
CodepointsU+1F1E6 U+1F1F8