Flag: Egypt



The Flag: Egypt emoji depicts the national flag of Egypt, which consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white, and black from top to bottom. In the center of the white stripe, there is a golden eagle, known as the Eagle of Saladin, with its wings spread. This flag design has a rich historical and cultural significance to Egypt, representing the country's struggles for independence and its identity as a sovereign nation.

The red stripe on the flag symbolizes the period of British colonial rule and the sacrifices made by the people of Egypt in their struggle for independence. It represents the bloodshed and determination of the Egyptian people in their fight for freedom.

The white stripe symbolizes the advent of a new era of peace and prosperity after gaining independence from colonial rule. It represents the hope and aspirations of the Egyptian people for a better future.

The black stripe represents the oppression and tyranny that the Egyptian people faced during their struggle for independence. It serves as a reminder of the hardships endured and the strength of the Egyptian people to overcome them.

The golden eagle in the center of the white stripe is the Eagle of Saladin, which has been a symbol of power and sovereignty in Egypt for centuries. It represents the strength, courage, and leadership of Saladin, the legendary Muslim leader who united Egypt and other Arab territories during the Crusades.

Overall, the Flag: Egypt emoji represents the national pride, resilience, and rich cultural heritage of Egypt. It is a symbol of unity, independence, and the aspirations of the Egyptian people for a peaceful and prosperous future. When used in conversations or social media posts, it can express one's connection to Egypt, show support for the country, or celebrate Egyptian culture and history.


Flag: Egypt

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Flag: Egypt


Technical Information

NameFlag: Egypt
CodepointsU+1F1EA U+1F1EC