Flag: Argentina



The flag emoji for Argentina 🇦🇷 consists of three horizontal stripes of equal size. The top and bottom stripes are light blue, while the middle stripe is white. In the center of the white stripe, there is a bright yellow sun with a human face, called the Sun of May. The Sun of May has a face with expressive features, including a wide smile, widely spread rays, and a pair of eyes.

The flag of Argentina holds special significance and carries several layers of meaning. The light blue stripes represent clear skies and the clear air of the country, symbolizing the peaceful nature of the Argentine people. The color blue also represents loyalty and devotion, reflecting the loyalty of the people to their country.

The white stripe in the middle carries a more profound meaning. It represents purity and innocence, reflecting the aspiration of the Argentine people for peace and unity. The central positioning of the white stripe is a symbolic representation of the union between both political factions that existed in Argentina during its fight for independence.

The Sun of May, with its radiant yellow color and joyful expression, is an essential element of the flag. It symbolizes the Inca sun god Inti and represents the sun's brilliance shining on the country. The Sun of May is also associated with the May Revolution of 1810, which marked the beginning of Argentina's struggle for independence from Spain.

Overall, the Argentina flag emoji represents the country's commitment to peace, unity, and its fight for independence. It is a symbol of national pride and patriotism widely recognized across the world.


Flag: Argentina

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Flag: Argentina


Technical Information

NameFlag: Argentina
CodepointsU+1F1E6 U+1F1F7