Flag: Scotland



The Flag: Scotland emoji is an emoji representation of the national flag of Scotland. This flag is commonly known as the Saltire or St. Andrew's Cross, and it consists of a white diagonal cross on a blue background. The emoji itself shows a square flag with this distinctive design.

Using this emoji can convey various meanings and sentiments. Firstly, it can indicate pride and patriotism towards Scotland. People may use this emoji to show their love for their country, celebrate national holidays or events, or express support for Scottish sports teams or cultural traditions.

Additionally, the Flag: Scotland emoji may also be used to express a connection or affiliation with Scottish heritage, ancestry, or culture. It can be used by individuals with Scottish roots to symbolize their identity and celebrate their heritage. Similarly, people who have visited or have an attachment to Scotland may use this emoji to represent their experiences and memories related to the country.

Furthermore, the Flag: Scotland emoji can be employed in conversations or social media posts that revolve around Scottish-specific topics or happenings. It can help set the context that the discussion or content is related to Scotland, making it easier for others to understand the subject matter.

Overall, the Flag: Scotland emoji is a versatile emoji that can convey national pride, express cultural heritage, and signify connections to Scotland. Its usage can vary depending on the context and individual interpretation, but it predominantly represents a symbol of Scotland and all that it encompasses.


Flag: Scotland

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Flag: Scotland


Technical Information

NameFlag: Scotland
CodepointsU+1F3F4 U+E0067 U+E0062 U+E0073 U+E0063 U+E0074 U+E007F