Flag: Syria



The Flag: Syria emoji is a representation of the national flag of Syria. It consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white, and black, with two green stars in the center of the white stripe. Each color and symbol in the flag holds significant meaning.

The red stripe at the top symbolizes the bloodshed and sacrifices made by the Syrian people in their struggle for independence and freedom. It represents their determination and resilience in the face of challenges and adversity.

The white stripe in the middle stands for peace, purity, and harmony. It reflects the hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflicts and turmoil that have affected the country in recent years. It also represents the desire for unity among the diverse ethnic and religious groups within Syria.

The black stripe at the bottom signifies the Arab Liberation Movement, which sought independence from foreign powers and the establishment of an Arab homeland. It represents the country's fight for sovereignty and self-determination.

The two green stars in the center of the white stripe represent the two main principles of the Ba'ath Party, a political party that has governed Syria for several decades. The first star symbolizes the party's belief in Arab unity and the aspiration for merging with other Arab countries. The second star represents socialism, emphasizing the party's commitment to social justice, equality, and providing for the needs of the people.

Overall, the Flag: Syria emoji encapsulates the complex history, struggles, and aspirations of the Syrian people. It serves as a symbol of national identity, resilience, and the hope for a peaceful and prosperous future.


Flag: Syria

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Flag: Syria


Technical Information

NameFlag: Syria
CodepointsU+1F1F8 U+1F1FE