Flag: Vanuatu



The flag emoji representing Vanuatu features a horizontal design with two equal bands of red and green, separated by a larger black band in the middle. Towards the hoist side of the flag, there is a yellow emblem in the shape of a boar's tusk, called a "tusk tusk" in Bislama, the national language of Vanuatu.

This flag holds great significance and represents various aspects of Vanuatu's culture, history, and natural environment. The red color symbolizes the bloodshed during the nation's struggle for independence, as well as the life force and unity among the people. It also signifies the importance of family and community ties within the Vanuatu society.

The green color on the flag represents the fertile soil and lush vegetation found throughout the islands of Vanuatu. It symbolizes the agriculture, prosperity, and abundance of the land, which has been a vital source of sustenance for the local inhabitants for centuries.

The black strip running through the middle of the flag holds special cultural and historical significance. It represents the indigenous Melanesian population of Vanuatu, who make up a majority of the country's population. The black color is associated with their rich cultural heritage, highlighting their deep connection to the land and their ancestors.

The emblem in the shape of a boar's tusk, known as the "tusk tusk," represents strength, power, and bravery. It is a revered symbol in Vanuatu, often used in ceremonies, rituals, and traditional art forms. The yellow color of the emblem signifies sunlight, life, and happiness.

Combined, these elements in the Vanuatu flag emoji represent the nation's history, diverse culture, connection to the land and natural environment, as well as the unity and strength of its people. As an emoji, it can be used to depict Vanuatu, its people, or to celebrate and show support for the country on various social media platforms.


Flag: Vanuatu

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Flag: Vanuatu


Technical Information

NameFlag: Vanuatu
CodepointsU+1F1FB U+1F1FA