Flag: Zambia



The flag of Zambia emoji 🇿🇲 represents the national flag of Zambia. It consists of a vertical triband design with three equal horizontal stripes - the top and bottom stripes are green, and the middle stripe is red.

The green color symbolizes the abundant vegetation and natural resources of Zambia, as well as its traditional heritage. It represents the country's agricultural industry, which has been a crucial part of its economy. The green stripes also represent the hope and optimism for a prosperous future for the Zambian people.

The red color in the middle stripe represents the struggle for freedom and independence. It symbolizes the blood that was shed by the Zambian people in their fight against colonialism and oppression. It also represents the determination and resilience of the Zambian people in their quest for a better future.

The flag of Zambia emoji reflects the values and aspirations of the Zambian people. It embodies their pride in their natural resources and heritage, as well as their commitment to freedom and independence. It serves as a powerful symbol of their national identity and unity.

People may use the Flag: Zambia emoji in various contexts. It can be used to show support for Zambia in sporting events, to express pride in Zambian culture and achievements, or to celebrate the country's national holidays. It can also be used in social media posts or messages to represent a connection or affiliation with Zambia.


Flag: Zambia

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Flag: Zambia


Technical Information

NameFlag: Zambia
CodepointsU+1F1FF U+1F1F2