Deaf Person: Medium-dark Skin Tone



The Deaf Person: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji depicts a person with medium-dark skin tone gesturing in American Sign Language (ASL). This particular emoji is meant to represent the Deaf community and promote inclusivity and awareness of sign language.

The main gesture in this emoji is formed by the hand making the American Sign Language letter C, which is made by bending the middle finger and the ring finger towards the palm while keeping the other fingers extended. This gesture represents the sign for "I Love You" in ASL, a common expression used to show affection, support, and unity.

The medium-dark skin tone modifier is added to the base Deaf Person emoji to represent individuals with a specific skin tone. Skin tone modifiers were introduced to emojis to allow for greater diversity and representation, ensuring that people of different ethnicities are accurately depicted.

This emoji can be used to show support for the Deaf community, express love or affection, or simply to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. It can be used in various contexts, such as in social media posts, messages, or comments, to acknowledge and promote sign language and Deaf culture.

It is important to note that emojis are visual representations, and their interpretation can vary depending on the context and the individual using them. Therefore, it's always essential to consider the intended meaning and context when using emojis in communication.


Deaf Person: Medium-dark Skin Tone

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Deaf Person: Medium-dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameDeaf Person: Medium-dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F9CF U+1F3FE