Farmer: Medium Skin Tone



The Farmer emoji depicts a person who works in agriculture, specifically as a farmer. The medium skin tone modifier indicates that the person depicted has a medium complexion. This emoji is available in various skin tones to represent people of different ethnicities and races.

The farmer is portrayed wearing a wide-brimmed hat, which is commonly worn for sun protection while working outdoors. The hat suggests that the person is engaged in physical labor and works in an environment exposed to the elements.

The farmer emoji can be associated with various aspects of farming and agriculture. It represents someone who cultivates land, plants and harvests crops, and cares for animals. This emoji encapsulates the hard work and dedication involved in farming.

In a broader context, the farmer emoji can symbolize a strong connection to the land, nature, and traditional farming practices. It reflects a way of life tied to the earth and the production of food. This emoji can also be used to express appreciation for the hard work and resilience of farmers who contribute to our food supply.

Furthermore, the farmer emoji can be used metaphorically to represent someone who is diligent, hardworking, and dedicated to their craft or profession. It can also be used to express a sense of simplicity, rural living, or a desire to return to a more traditional or uncomplicated way of life.

Overall, the Farmer emoji with medium skin tone represents a hardworking individual engaged in agricultural activities. It embodies the importance of farming in society, the connection to nature, and the values associated with this occupation.


Farmer: Medium Skin Tone

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Farmer: Medium Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameFarmer: Medium Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F9D1 U+1F3FD U+200D U+1F33E