Kiss: Woman, Man, Dark Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone



The emoji "Kiss: Woman, Man, Dark Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone" depicts a couple sharing a kiss. It represents an intimate and affectionate moment between a man and a woman of diverse skin tones. This emoji is a variation of the "Kiss" emoji and includes additional skin tone modifiers to highlight racial diversity.

The primary meaning of this emoji is to convey love, romance, and physical affection. It can be used to express affection towards a partner, spouse, or significant other. The inclusion of diverse skin tones in the emoji allows individuals of different ethnic backgrounds to see themselves represented in this romantic gesture.

The woman in the emoji is shown with a dark skin tone, which signifies racial diversity and inclusivity. The use of a dark skin tone emphasizes representation and recognition for individuals with darker complexions. Similarly, the man is depicted with a medium skin tone, which also promotes diversity and inclusiveness.

This emoji can be interpreted in various contexts, such as expressing romantic feelings, showing support and love for interracial relationships, or simply representing diversity and inclusivity in relationships. It is commonly used on social media platforms, messaging apps, and in digital communication to convey affection or to display solidarity with diverse relationships.

It is important to note that emojis can be subjective and have different meanings depending on the individual or cultural context. Therefore, it is always essential to consider the specific context and the relationship between the sender and the recipient when interpreting emojis.


Kiss: Woman, Man, Dark Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone

Google Noto Color Emoji

Kiss: Woman, Man, Dark Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameKiss: Woman, Man, Dark Skin Tone, Medium Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F469 U+1F3FF U+200D U+2764 U+FE0F U+200D U+1F48B U+200D U+1F468 U+1F3FD