Man Facepalming



The Man Facepalming emoji depicts a male character placing his hand over his face in a gesture of frustration, disbelief, or disappointment. It is commonly used to convey a range of emotions, often in response to something that is perceived as foolish, absurd, or exasperating.

One of the main meanings associated with the Man Facepalming emoji is a sense of disbelief or astonishment at someone's actions or words. It is often used to express a feeling of being dumbfounded or taken aback by something perceived as incredibly silly, irrational, or illogical. This emoji can be used in situations where one can't believe what they are witnessing or hearing.

Additionally, the Man Facepalming emoji is commonly used to denote frustration or disappointment in oneself. It can be employed when someone feels ashamed or embarrassed about their own actions or mistakes. By using this emoji, one can express feelings of self-criticism or self-deprecation, acknowledging their own blunders or failures.

Furthermore, the Man Facepalming emoji can convey a sense of shared exasperation or annoyance with someone else's behavior. It can be used to express frustration, irritation, or impatience towards someone who has done or said something particularly aggravating or foolish. By using this emoji, one can convey a feeling of exasperation without directly criticizing or confronting the other person.

In summary, the Man Facepalming emoji is a versatile symbol used to convey disbelief, incredulity, frustration, and disappointment. It can be used to express astonishment at something incredibly foolish or irrational, acknowledge one's own mistakes or shortcomings, and convey frustration or annoyance with someone else's behavior.


Man Facepalming

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Man Facepalming


Technical Information

NameMan Facepalming
CodepointsU+1F926 U+200D U+2642 U+FE0F