Man Singer



The Man Singer emoji depicts a male character with his mouth open wide and his hand held up to his face as if he is singing passionately. This emoji is often used to represent singing, music, or even karaoke. It can be used in various contexts to convey the idea of someone expressing themselves vocally or performing onstage.

One interpretation of the Man Singer emoji is that it symbolizes talent or skill in singing. It can be used to praise someone's vocal abilities or to express admiration for a professional singer or performer. For example, if someone posts a video of themselves singing on social media, others may respond with the Man Singer emoji to indicate that they are impressed by their talent.

The emoji can also convey a sense of joy or happiness associated with singing. It can be used to show that someone is having a great time while belting out a favorite song or as a way to express enthusiasm for a music-related event such as a concert or music festival. Additionally, the emoji can be used to show excitement or anticipation for a karaoke night with friends.

In a more lighthearted context, the Man Singer emoji can be used to represent goofiness or silliness. It may be used to portray a funny or comical situation related to singing or to show that someone is being playful and entertaining. For instance, if a friend tells a funny joke during a karaoke session, you might respond with the Man Singer emoji to show that you found it amusing.

Overall, the Man Singer emoji can have multiple meanings depending on the context and the intention behind its usage. Whether it's about showcasing talent, expressing joy, or simply adding a touch of humor, this emoji is a versatile representation of singing and all things related to music.


Man Singer

Google Noto Color Emoji

Man Singer


Technical Information

NameMan Singer
CodepointsU+1F468 U+200D U+1F3A4