Mrs. Claus: Medium-dark Skin Tone



The Mrs. Claus: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji depicts Mrs. Claus, the wife of Santa Claus, with a medium-dark skin tone. This particular variation of the emoji was introduced to provide more diversity and representation in emoji characters.

The emoji shows Mrs. Claus wearing her characteristic red hat with white fur trim, signaling her association with Christmas. She also has white hair and is often depicted with a warm smile on her face. The medium-dark skin tone of this emoji represents individuals with a deeper complexion.

The emoji is often used in the context of Christmas celebrations and specifically references Mrs. Claus, who is traditionally depicted as assisting Santa Claus in his gift-giving duties. It can be used to convey feelings of joy, excitement, and holiday spirit.

Moreover, this emoji is also employed to promote inclusivity and diversity, as it highlights the representation of people with medium-dark skin tones. By using this emoji, individuals can show support for inclusivity and emphasize the importance of recognizing and celebrating different ethnicities and skin tones.

In summary, the Mrs. Claus: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji features Mrs. Claus with a medium-dark complexion and represents Christmas, joy, inclusiveness, and diversity. It provides a more inclusive representation of different skin tones and promotes the celebration of people of all backgrounds during the holiday season.


Mrs. Claus: Medium-dark Skin Tone

Google Noto Color Emoji

Mrs. Claus: Medium-dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameMrs. Claus: Medium-dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F936 U+1F3FE