Singer: Medium-dark Skin Tone



The Singer emoji depicts a person singing with a microphone. The emoji can also have a medium-dark skin tone modifier, which changes the skin color of the emoji. The medium-dark skin tone modifier is represented by a shaded tone that is usually used to represent individuals with medium to dark skin tones.

The Singer emoji is associated with the act of singing or performing as a singer. It can be used to indicate that someone is singing a song or expressing their vocal talents. It is often used to represent the profession of singing or someone who enjoys singing as a hobby.

When combined with the medium-dark skin tone modifier, the emoji takes on additional cultural and racial significance. It can be used to represent individuals with medium-dark skin tones who work as singers or have a passion for singing. It serves as a way to depict diversity and acknowledge the presence and contributions of people with different skin tones in the field of music and entertainment.

Overall, the Singer: Medium-dark Skin Tone emoji is a representation of a person singing with a microphone, with the added specificity of a medium-dark skin tone. It is commonly used to convey the concept of singing, whether professionally or as a hobby, and to celebrate diversity in the music industry.


Singer: Medium-dark Skin Tone

Google Noto Color Emoji

Singer: Medium-dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameSinger: Medium-dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F9D1 U+1F3FE U+200D U+1F3A4