Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone



The Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone emoji is an emoji variant of the Thumbs Down emoji, with a medium skin tone added to it. It is commonly used to express disapproval, disagreement, or dislike towards something. When using this emoji, the medium skin tone adds a layer of inclusivity, allowing individuals with medium skin tones to feel represented in the emoji.

The gesture of a thumbs down is internationally recognized as a negative or unfavorable signal. It is often used to indicate a lack of approval or endorsement. By incorporating the medium skin tone, this emoji allows for cultural and ethnic diversity to be reflected in its representation, acknowledging and including individuals of diverse backgrounds in its meaning.

One common scenario where the Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone emoji might be used is in response to someone suggesting or proposing something that is not well received or disliked by the person using the emoji. It serves as a clear way to express disagreement or disapproval without the need for lengthy explanations. It can also be used to show disappointment or dissatisfaction with a particular situation or outcome.

In addition to its negative connotation, this emoji can also be seen as a way to express solidarity or support towards causes or opinions that are being criticized or opposed by others. It can be used to demonstrate agreement with the dissenting opinion or to stand in solidarity with those who are being negatively judged or discriminated against.

Overall, the Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone emoji is a versatile emoji that represents disapproval, disagreement, or dislike, while also promoting inclusivity and diversity through its representation of individuals with medium skin tones.


Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone

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Thumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameThumbs Down: Medium Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F44E U+1F3FD