Woman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone



The Woman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone emoji is a variant of the standard Woman Facepalming emoji, but with a dark skin tone. In general, this emoji is used to express frustration, exasperation, or a sense of disbelief in response to a foolish, embarrassing, or frustrating situation.

The dark skin tone modifier is simply an option to provide representation and diversity. It allows people of dark skin to use an emoji that closely resembles their own appearance. This is important for promoting inclusivity and ensuring that everyone feels represented in digital communication.

When someone uses the Woman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone emoji, they are likely expressing a combination of disappointment, annoyance, and disbelief. It conveys the idea of burying one's face in one's hand out of frustration or disbelief at something that has just happened or been said.

This emoji can be used in a variety of situations. For example, if someone tells you a particularly foolish or ridiculous joke, you might respond with this emoji to indicate that you find it dumb or that it failed to amuse you. It can also be used when someone makes a mistake or says something embarrassing, serving as a visual representation of a facepalm reaction that one might have in real life.

Overall, the Woman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone emoji is a useful way to convey frustration, annoyance, or disbelief, while also promoting diversity and inclusivity by providing a representation of people with dark skin.


Woman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone

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Woman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameWoman Facepalming: Dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F926 U+1F3FF U+200D U+2640 U+FE0F