Woman Frowning: Dark Skin Tone



The Woman Frowning: Dark Skin Tone emoji depicts a female face with a dark skin tone wearing a frowning expression. This emoji is commonly used to convey a range of emotions, primarily negative ones such as frustration, anger, disappointment, or annoyance.

The use of a dark skin tone modifier adds an important aspect to the emoji, representing diversity and inclusivity. It allows for representation and identification of individuals with darker skin tones who may feel more connected and seen by this emoji.

When used in a conversation, this emoji can indicate that the person is upset or unhappy about something. It serves as a visual expression of negative emotions, allowing the sender to convey their feelings without using words. For example, if someone receives disappointing news, they may use this emoji to show their displeasure or irritation.

Additionally, this emoji can serve as a way to empathize with someone else's negative experience or emotion. It can be used to show support or solidarity with someone who is expressing frustration or disappointment. For instance, if a friend expresses their annoyance with a situation, you might respond with this emoji to show that you understand and share their feelings.

It's important to note that the exact meaning of this emoji can vary depending on the context and the individual using it. People may have different interpretations based on their own experiences and cultural background. Therefore, it's essential to consider the overall conversation and any accompanying messages or cues to fully understand the intended meaning behind the Woman Frowning: Dark Skin Tone emoji.


Woman Frowning: Dark Skin Tone

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Woman Frowning: Dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameWoman Frowning: Dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F64D U+1F3FF U+200D U+2640 U+FE0F