Woman: Medium-dark Skin Tone



The Woman: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji represents a female character with a medium-dark skin complexion. This variation of the Woman emoji is one of several that were introduced to provide users with a wider range of options for representing different skin tones.

The Woman: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji can be used to depict a person of African, Afro-Caribbean, or other ethnic backgrounds with a medium-dark skin tone. It is important to note that this emoji can be used to represent any woman with a similar skin tone, regardless of her specific racial or ethnic background.

Like the generic Woman emoji, the Woman: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji can be used to represent women in various contexts. It can be used in conversations and social media posts to indicate the presence or involvement of women, or to refer to specific women in discussions or descriptions.

In addition to its generic uses, this emoji can also be used to celebrate and showcase diversity. By choosing this emoji, users can express their appreciation for women with medium-dark skin tones and show support for representation and inclusivity.

Overall, the Woman: Medium-Dark Skin Tone emoji carries the same basic meaning as the generic Woman emoji but with the added dimension of representing women with medium-dark skin complexions, allowing for a more accurate and inclusive representation of individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Woman: Medium-dark Skin Tone

Google Noto Color Emoji

Woman: Medium-dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameWoman: Medium-dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F469 U+1F3FE