Woman Standing



The Woman Standing emoji depicts a female figure upright, appearing to be in a standing position. This emoji typically showcases a full-bodied representation of a woman, which can vary in skin tone and hair color across different platforms. It is commonly used to represent a woman who is standing or positioned in an upright manner.

One key aspect of this emoji is its ability to convey a sense of strength, confidence, and independence. The woman is depicted as being upright, which can symbolize resilience and a firm stance. This can be used to represent strong women or to communicate qualities such as empowerment and determination.

Furthermore, the Woman Standing emoji can also be utilized to represent a general sense of presence or availability. With the figure being upright, it can indicate that the woman is ready and open for interaction or engagement. This can be particularly useful in social contexts where the user wants to convey their availability or willingness to participate in conversations or activities.

In certain cases, the Woman Standing emoji may be used to signify a specific person or gender. For instance, it can be employed to indicate the presence of a specific individual or to represent women in general. It can also be utilized to represent specific activities or occupations that involve standing, such as modeling, speaking engagements, or any other situation where a woman may be depicted standing.

Overall, the Woman Standing emoji is a versatile and multi-dimensional symbol that can convey messages related to strength, confidence, availability, and the representation of women in various contexts. Its meaning may vary depending on the specific situation or individual interpretation, but it generally represents a woman in a standing position.


Woman Standing

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Woman Standing


Technical Information

NameWoman Standing
CodepointsU+1F9CD U+200D U+2640 U+FE0F