Handshake: Dark Skin Tone



The Handshake: Dark Skin Tone emoji depicts two hands coming together in a handshake gesture, with the skin tone being represented as dark. This emoji is part of the diverse range of skin tone variations available for certain emojis, introduced to promote inclusivity and representation of different races and ethnicities.

The handshake is a universal gesture that symbolizes greeting, agreement, or mutual respect. It is commonly used in both formal and informal settings as a way to acknowledge and establish a connection between two individuals. The dark skin tone variation of this emoji seeks to represent individuals with darker skin tones and celebrate their diversity.

In the context of digital communication, the Handshake: Dark Skin Tone emoji can be used to convey a variety of messages. It can be used to express unity, collaboration, and solidarity between people from different backgrounds or cultures. It is often employed in discussions about promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equality.

Moreover, the emoji can also symbolize friendship, teamwork, or a congruent understanding between two individuals. It may be used to communicate that a deal has been made, an agreement has been reached, or that two parties are working together towards a shared goal. In these contexts, it represents a respectful relationship based on trust and cooperation.

Furthermore, the Handshake: Dark Skin Tone emoji can also be used to acknowledge and appreciate the accomplishments and contributions of individuals with darker skin tones. It can serve as a positive representation of diverse communities and a recognition of their achievements. By using this emoji, someone can show support for inclusivity and equality, as well as promote and celebrate the achievements of people from different backgrounds.

In summary, the Handshake: Dark Skin Tone emoji represents a handshake gesture with dark skin tones, aiming to promote diversity and inclusivity. It can be used to convey unity, agreement, appreciation of diversity, friendship, teamwork, or celebration of achievements. Its usage helps in fostering a sense of equality and representing people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.


Handshake: Dark Skin Tone

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Handshake: Dark Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameHandshake: Dark Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F91D U+1F3FF