Handshake: Medium Skin Tone



The Handshake emoji with a Medium Skin Tone is depicted as two hands coming together in a handshake gesture, with the skin tone of the hands being medium in color. The handshake is a widely recognized gesture that symbolizes agreement, partnership, and mutual respect. It is a gesture commonly used in business settings, formal introductions, and when making deals or agreements.

This emoji, specifically with the medium skin tone, represents a friendly and equal exchange between two individuals of different racial or ethnic backgrounds. It highlights the importance of diversity and inclusivity, emphasizing that people from different backgrounds can come together and work in harmony.

In a global context, the Handshake emoji with a Medium Skin Tone can also be seen as a representation of international cooperation and unity among nations. It signifies the willingness to work together towards common goals and the establishment of diplomatic relations. This emoji can be used to convey messages of solidarity, teamwork, and collaboration.

Additionally, the medium skin tone used in this emoji is significant as it acknowledges the diversity of skin tones and promotes representation. It recognizes that people with medium skin tones are part of the global community and have a place in various social and professional interactions.

In summary, the Handshake emoji with a Medium Skin Tone represents agreement, partnership, mutual respect, diversity, inclusivity, international cooperation, and teamwork. It is a symbol of unity between people of different backgrounds and celebrates the importance of equal and respectful interactions.


Handshake: Medium Skin Tone

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Handshake: Medium Skin Tone


Technical Information

NameHandshake: Medium Skin Tone
CodepointsU+1F91D U+1F3FD